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Industrial Lighting

MetroTech's line of industrial fixtures are designed for the high demand of industrial facilities. With available IP65 ratings to Hazloc Class I Div 2 ratings these fixtures are ideally suited for a wide range of industrial applications. 

Commercial Interior Lighting

MetroTechs's line of interior commercial lighting is versatile, high performance lighting suited to a wide variety of interior applications. 

Commercial Exterior Lighting

All MetroTech outdoor rated fixtures are designed and tested to work in the most demanding  environments. With class leading performance these lights promise to fill your lighting needs with the best ROI and the highest quality lighting available. 

Outdoor Media

Metrotech's media fixtures are in a class of their own. Designed for the demanding job of billboard, sign and street signage, these fixtures are built to perform and last.

Solar LED Lighting

MetroTech's all in one Solar LED Light design is a cost effective high performance stand alone design.

Greenhouse Lighting

MetroTech has designed Greenhouse light that grows more for less.

Roadway Lighting

MetroTech's traffic and municipal lighting improves safety and security while reducing maintenance costs. Smart street lighting controls can notify you when a light is not working.

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