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If you'd like to review our warranty policies, you can download the documents below. 

The warranty period is based on lamp operation of 12 hours a day/365 days a year for exterior use products and 24 hours a day/365 days a year for interior use products. If a PRODUCT fails to operate in accordance with this limited Warranty, MetroTech will, at its sole option, replace the PRODUCT with the same or a functionally equivalent PRODUCT or grant purchaser a credit for a future PRODUCT purchase.

For avoidance of doubt to replace the PRODUCT does not include any removal or reinstallation costs or expenses, including without limitation labor costs or expenses, shipping costs to return non-conforming PRODUCTs or any damages that may occur during the return of PRODUCT to MetroTech Media & Lighting, Inc.

To make a warranty claim you must notify MetroTech in writing within 90 days after your discovery of the defect, provide proof of purchase such as the invoice and comply with MetroTech other warranty requirements.

If you have a warranty claim please fill out the form below and we'll respond to your request as soon as possible. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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